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Aerial ladders aren't simple devices. Take one small example: hydraulics. Nothing better demonstrates Pierce's commitment to helping you perform than our commitment to excellence here. We are the first in the industry to certify hydraulic oil cleanliness.What does that mean for you? Reduced component wear, decreased need for repair and longer life cycles for your apparatus. We use stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance, non-grease sheaves, and we locate the hydraulic filters where your maintenance team can get at them.
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75' Ladders
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75' Heavy Duty Ladder
These ladders are renowned for exceptional performance in all fire fighting applications. They carry a rated load capacity of 500 lb. while flowing 1,000 gpm with a 180-degree horizontal nozzle sweep.
75' Aluminum Ladder
Some departments just plain prefer aluminum ladders for their lighter weight. If you’re one of them, you no longer have to choose between an aluminum aerial and the performance of a Pierce. Plus, they carry a rated load capacity of 500 lb. while flowing 1,500 gpm.
75' Aluminum Ladder PUC
With the 75’ Aluminum Ladder PUC, the pumphouse has been eliminated so the truck can be built around your needs and not the pump. It features 22% more storage space and up to 5 inches shorter wheelbase. The PUC design lowers crosslays, provides storage for bulky items such as stokes baskets and backboards, and utilizes a simple two-step pump shift operation. Plus, the 75’ Aluminum Ladder PUC carries a rated load capacity of 500 lb. while flowing 1,500 gpm. No more compromises.
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100' Ladders
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100' Midmount Ladder
This five-section telescoping steel ladder has a 750 lb. payload capacity and one of the lowest overall travel heights in the industry. Equipped with two sets of H-style stabilizers and a completely multiplexed electronics system for smooth operation.
105' Heavy Duty Ladder
Has the same capabilities as the 75' ladder, including a rated load capacity of up to 750 lb., with a longer reach. A replaceable egress fly section, H-style stabilizers, and an optional, patented Quick-lock waterway are just some of the features that set these ladders apart.
100' Super Heavy Duty Ladder
For maximum performance, the Pierce 100' super heavy-duty ladder has no peer. It delivers a 1,500 lb. rated load capacity in winds up to 50 mph. Smart features include unrestricted water monitors with electronic controls at monitor and turntable control stations.
100' Aluminum Ladder
This 100’ Pierce® Aluminum Aerial Ladder has the same capabilities as the 75' aluminum ladder and comes equipped with a 12’ stabilizer spread and a 750 lb rated load capacity, dry. It shows the same commitment to safety and performance that you see in every Pierce aerial.
100' Medium Duty Ladder
Has the same features as our 75' Medium Duty Ladder but with added reach. These ladders can be used on smaller, lighter chassis.
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95' Midmount Platform
With its 9-foot 10-inch overall height, this platform is a perfect fit for low-clearance fire stations and bridges. It combines a full quint rating with a 300-gallon water capacity, plus more storage room than you'd expect in a midmount.
100' Platform
Sets the industry standard for performance. Its strength and stability begins with a welded torsion substructure that is bolted directly to the frame to transfer all torsional and horizontal loads away from the chassis and body.
85' Platform
Delivers the perfect balance of dependability and smooth operation from to get you to the most hard-to-reach locations. Features a 1,000 lb. rated load capacity (fully extended without flowing water) and holds up to four firefighters in full gear.
The only four-section, 100', articulating aerial ladder platform in the industry. The Sky-Arm articulates a full 60-degrees below grade, making it ideal for water, ravine and ditch rescues.
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100' Tiller
The Pierce 100' Tiller is available in medium and heavy duty configurations. It gives you a tighter turning radius to more easily maneuver narrow or congested streets. It is available with virtually unlimited body configurations to provide maximum compartment storage and exceptionally roomy ground ladder storage.
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Water Towers
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Sky Boom™
The Sky-Boom™ delivers the best performance and value of any elevated water tower. Available in 55- and 61-foot lengths, the Sky-Boom is designed for easy operation and maintenance.